Save  time.  Simplify  how  you  manage  policies  and  compliance.

  • Avoid non-compliance fines  
  • Close gaps between regulation and policy  
  • Reduce policy costs  
  • Use data to design and test policies  
  • Develop industry regulations  

Regulatory  teams  are  great.

When the rules change fast and often CodeWorks enables your teams to stay compliant

Smart  tools  for  your  team.

  • Changes

    Make quick changes to any document, easily

  • Collaborate

    Gather and archive feedback on drafts

  • Smart Documents

    Linked documents to enable better understanding

  • Search

    Find content from multiple documents in one place

  • Templates

    Easily create new and make changes to all existing documents

  • Editing

    All changes tracked and stored for ease of reference

  • Workflow

    Direct and track the document workflow

  • Accept

    Easily track who’s read and accepted policies

Use  CodeWorks  for

  • Engaging with changing regulations

    Contribute to regulatory change regardless of the size of your organisation. Filter content to show obligations relevant to you and your role in the industry.

  • Managing internal policies

    Simplify and link your policies, procedures and controls Automate policy review cycles. Collaborate to develop and test improvements. Gather feedback to inform policies and procedure decisions.

  • Maintaining compliance

    Link your policies to regulations and get notified when these change. Demonstrate compliance in principle led contexts. Automated log of changes and reviews makes compliance easier.


  • Save 30% on policy costs

    Teams using the CodeWorks platform have saved 30% on their policy management costs

    Through automating the monitoring, logging, version control and manual workflow steps, policy and regulatory teams can save time.

  • Reduce fines for non-compliance

    Stay on top of any policy or procedure gaps caused by changing rules

    Demonstrate the regularity with which all teams have understood and accepted policies, changes and impact on their work.

  • Faster operational decision making

    Linking regulations to policies and procedures means that any tactical changes can quickly be assessed without needing lengthy email chains

    Operational changes can be made faster and without any unintended compliance gaps. Compliance teams can also focus on enabling innovation for competitive advantage.

Codeworks should reduce the effort and allow for the digital transformation of SEC party processes which in turn enhance service delivery.

Peter Davies, Chairman of SEC Panel

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